Specialists for Big Spaces

Fusion systems are suitable for operation in a vast variety of climates, from hot, dry or tropical all the way to cold and icy conditions – capable of operation in basic form from minus 20°C to above a scorching 50°C.

Whether the large volume space is for “big box” retail, wholesale, temperature controlled storage (pharmaceutical), or large sporting / public venues, our expertise and products have been selected by the most discerning clients to provide them with innovation, energy efficiency, lower cost and faster installation in each of these environments.

Retail & Commercial

Fusion systems are well known for their installation simplicity, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency and reliability, which can result in extreme savings made in the building.

Fusion deletes the need for chiller plant rooms, pump plant rooms, boiler plant, cooling tower decks, and more. This reduces building costs, and this space can be freed up for more retail or NLA area. Our dedication to our clients to provide the best outcomes has resulted in Fusion systems serving more than 50 Bunnings stores, more than 60 Masters stores, various AMart and other retail outlets, and the Warehouse Group for more than 20 years.

Pharmaceutical & Temperature Controlled Distribution Spaces

Fusion Modulair are the supplier of choice for pharmaceuticals and critical temperature-controlled spaces. We are proud to provide our systems to DHL Cold Chain, SIGMA Healthcare, SYMBION, CH2 Clifford Hallam, Healthcare Logisitics, and others, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Fusion Modulair systems, BMS and energy monitoring have been deployed to over 4.5 million cubic metres of controlled space in the past few years, with a history going back much further. Our ability to accurately control temperature and humidity with little variance throughout the space – from floor level to top of storage – is unparalleled. Our high induction VAV swirl discharge with motorised discharge direction allows our BMS to actively stratify or destratify the space. Each system has multiple levels of redundancy built in and every element of hardware and operation is continuously logged for verification, continuous tuning and improvement, and on-going reliable operation. Simply put, Fusion systems have become the reference standard.

Arenas, Auditoria & Public Spaces

The ability to delete extensive, costly, difficult and expensive runs of duct, combined with high performance, high capacity, low noise and low draught mean that Fusion Modulair systems proudly serve world class facilities such as NISSAN ARENA, AFL Play, and more.

Unique features and advanced controls allow these systems to respond to an occupancy of 50 people or 5,000 in various modes and configurations. Fusion Modulair provides site wide BMS and energy monitoring, which monitors weather, opens natural vent louvres, and can even lock the public entry doors.