Project Highlights

  • 31,000 m2 temperature controlled warehouse
  • 12 Fusion VPAC135HE - Premium Efficiency systems
  • TGA Warehouse Licence class
  • Fusion site-wide BMS controls: Fusion systems, Office AC, Monitors and reports on all Power Meters, Refrigeration and Cold Stores, Door openings, Generators, Water Meters and more.


Project Highlights

  • Significant Regional Building – “The Hub” , with 420 seat theatre with outstanding acoustics
  • HVAC approx 32 dB(A) at full duty
  • Community rooms and spaces VRF systems, ventilation, foyer heating systems and more
  • Full Fusion BMS controlling all mechanical elements
  • Built in heat recovery, inground ducted systems


The Queensland State Netball Centre, also known commercially as Nissan Arena, is a multi-purpose facility located in the southern Brisbane suburb of Nathan. The centre features a 5,000 seat indoor arena that is the home court of Super Netball team the Queensland Firebirds, as well as National Basketball League club the Brisbane Bullets. It is the administrative headquarters of Netball Queensland and provides training facilities for elite-level and community-based netball clubs in Queensland.

Project Highlights

  • Multimode operation for small events, local club use, through to broadcast compliant international competition
  • Fusion BMS controls all aspects of the building operation including: Stadium HVAC, HVLS fans, ventilation, weather louvres, offices, amenities, and treatment room air conditioning
  • Fusion BMS monitors all power meters and usage


AFL Max is Australia's first immersive footy skills and entertainment centre. Backed by the biggest names in the sport, the state-of-the-art facility brings together the latest technology and traditional skills development for players and fans of all ages.

Project Highlights

  • 4,800 m2 AFL training, community accessible centre
  • Used for player training, development, community access through to entertainment
  • Fusion Modulair system units with dedicated Fusion BMS
  • Responds to Adelaide's extreme heat and cool winter conditions


Iona College is a state-of-the-art independent school located in the Brisbane suburb of Lindum. Fusion was commissioned to provide the HVAC and BMS design and technology for the Multipurpose Indoor Sporting Facility.

Project Highlights

  • Main hall 2,500 m2
  • Low noise installation allowing for spoken word services with an audience over 2,000 people
  • Multi-mode operation for major events, general use, Volleyball competition etc
  • Fusion BMS controls all aspects including general AC, HVLS fans, hall Fusion systems, gymnasium AC, weather louvres and natural ventilation