Fusion’s multi-patented technology stack is second to none, and enables us to achieve what others in the HVAC industry can only hope for.

Integrated Innovation:

The Fusion Modulair
VPAC System

VAV Packaged Rooftop with Ultra High Efficiency
Ductless Air Distribution

Each HVAC module in the Fusion Modulair palette is a fully self-contained, ductless HVAC product. Systems are made up of multiple, typically identical, HVAC modules located largely uniformly on the roof, communicating with one another to work in unison, driven by a powerful Building Management System.

Individual components, as well as the HVAC modules themselves, have been fine-tuned to work harmoniously together, with iterative changes providing ever improving performance.

Fully ducted options are also available.

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Fusion Modulair VPAC System

Effective Diffusion

Fusion systems can serve the largest and tallest of spaces from a single diffuser module, all whilst creating even temperatures in a comfortable, draft free environment – an art which is unparalleled.

The high induction, variable volume and variable direction motorized swirl diffusion modules are capable of providing exceptionally uniform temperature in 3-dimensions throughout the entire space, both in heating and cooling, without hot spots, cold spots or drafts. In fact, we apply the same patented air diffusion technology not only to Green Star Buildings and to maintain billions of dollars of pharmaceutical product, but in all our solutions for retail, commercial and public arenas.

Swirl air diffusion is an integral part of each VPAC module, which utilises patented, industry-leading, high-induction motorised swirl diffusers by Smartemp, exclusively engineered for Fusion Modulair.

Intelligence & Controls

Advanced controls, platforms and analytics power all Fusion systems. All modules on a project are networked together, along with a remote touchscreen computer (typically mounted in the facility manager’s office). They share critical information with one another and are co-ordinated to work together in harmony to rapidly counter localised heat load variations (as, for example, may be caused by the opening of a roller shutter door) whilst optimising energy efficiency and stable temperature control for the space as a whole.

All user functions, such as set-points and time schedules, can be configured through the built-in Building Management System (BMS), and the operating status can easily be seen at a glance. A simple to use interface hides an exceptionally powerful platform, where hundreds of system parameters are logged and checked constantly.

Optional back-to-base monitoring allows Fusion engineers to ensure the system is continually performing at nominal levels, provide energy analytics and optimisations, and to very quickly respond to system notifications.

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Optimum Efficiency & Energy Management

Our systems are engineered with exceptional energy performance out of the box. To further ensure ongoing efficient energy usage, advanced BMS controls are implemented with back-to-base remote monitoring, resulting in a system that is continuously reviewed and fine-tuned for optimum operation.

Low Energy HVAC is only one element of building energy use. As such, Fusion has developed a unique building energy monitoring system which will monitor, analyse and report on all aspects of building energy consumption such as lighting, power, HVAC, refrigeration, solar, and more. The platform provides instantaneous and historic data and provides key metrics in unique ways that are important to the client to rapidly identify the highest usage per service / per site / or as an overall real-time fleet management tool.


Intelligent Ultraviolet
Lift Sanitisation

Lifts are enclosed, restricted, often high-traffic spaces that usually lack adequate ventilation, making them particularly susceptible to harbouring pathogens.

Pathogens deposited on surfaces, whether by touch or through coughing or sneezing, have been shown to be able to infect people even after a significant time period has passed. Likewise, viruses, like the Coronavirus, can spread through the air since they are readily aerosolised. When an infected patient sneezes or coughs, moisture droplets containing the virus are launched into the air. Many of these moisture droplets are small enough that they do not settle under the influence of gravity but remain airborne for extended periods.

Fusion CleanseAir has been specifically engineered to sanitise the air and space by using the same wavelengths as those produced by the sun. The UV-C light used in our system eliminates contaminants and micro-organisms on a molecular level, disinfecting the air and neutralising odours.

Built-in sensors determine when the lift is unoccupied, and activate additional UV-C lighting that sanitises the surfaces of the cabin.

UV-C that operates at a wavelength of 253.7nm is known as UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation), and is known to specifically assist in germicidal efficacy by disinfecting the air. Unlike Vacuum UV lamps that operate at 185nm, UVCI does not generate ozone, which may be harmful if breathed in.

Individual components, as well as the HVAC modules themselves, have been fine-tuned to work harmoniously together, with iterative changes providing ever improving performance.

with the Fusion CleanseAir